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  • 40 In-depth, Value-stacked Tutorial Videos Only Available In This Package, All Focused On Everything You Need To Upgrade Your Boxing Fitness Coaching, Mittwork, Drills & Really Optimize Your Sessions
  • Get 10+ Years Of Industry Experience, Advice, Knowledge And Practical, Hands-on Education That You Can Use Immediately
  • Hours Of Educational Content From The Leading Boxing Fitness Coach In The World, All Neatly And Exclusively Packaged Up For You 
  • Mittwork | Effective Coaching | Boxing Coaching Drills | Programming | Networking | Building Clientele | Small Group Training | Coaching For Long Term Success 


  • To Deliver The Best Boxing Fitness Sessions
  • In Your Coaching Skills To Retain New Clients 
  • To Grow Your Clientele & Build Your Career
  • To Program Your Boxing Fitness Sessions Effectively
  • Deliver & Coach Every Session w/ Maximum Confidence

What is Inside The Ultimate Guide To Boxing Fitness Coaching...


Glenn’s Ultimate Guide To Boxing Fitness Coaching covers absolutely everything you need to take your personal training to the next level, upgrade your 1-1 and small group sessions, and gain the confidence to really grow your clientele.

This amazing new video package is neatly structured into 5 Arenas for you to easily watch and learn from any section you want to whenever you want or need it.

Arena 1

Boxing Mittwork & Combinations

Mittwork: How to structure your mittwork for the best boxing fitness sessions. Mittwork form and technique for maximum success and injury prevention and follow Glenn as he delivers & walks you through 3 full rounds of mittwork coaching in the ring.

Boxing Combinations: 10 Complex Combination Breakdown Tutorials covering; defense, complex flows, body punching, long punch combinations and more that you can use directly in your sessions immediately.

Learn about the Concept of Boxing Fitness, and how to really understand it and be a master at coaching it. Glenn’s tips on boxing fitness coaching techniques that develop your relationships and separate you as an elite fitness professional.

Arena 2

Coaching For Long Term Success

The Qualities Of An Elite Coach : Glenn gives you his secrets to success and the factors that develop life-long client relationships

The Skill Of Coaching : Learn the effective coaching techniques to perfectly tailor your coaching for any and every client to really build your confidence to work effectively with anyone.

Growing Your Clientele : How to create real progress in a fun environment that everyone will enjoy and want to share and continue to be a part of.

Growing Your Small Group Training : How to bulletproof your small group training programs, create a dynamic workout that will create real excitement about you as a coach and grow your clientele.

Your Value & Worth As A Coach :  How to attract clients with a similar mindset. Creating value, setting your rates, and scaling your business as a coach.

Arena 3

Experience, Networking & Growth

Get invaluable insights with Glenn’s lessons learned from the last 10+ years in the fitness industry. Learn the practical tips that helped Glenn grow from an industry novice to a family like high-profile clientele that has led him to a successful, rewarding career traveling the world teaching boxing fitness.

Get practical insights into the key factors that make potential clients want to work with you, and how to make sure your network want to talk about YOU, post about YOU and share as much as they can about YOU to really help you grow your business.

Learn how to successfully network and grow the community around you to create better opportunities for yourself.
Learn how to be a great communicator in and outside of the gym. Creating a professional set up that will attract the attention of the clientele you want.


Drills & Small Group Training

In-depth, hands-on tutorials covering footwork & heavy bags.

The best boxing footwork, agility ladder drills that you can plug directly into your training sessions all broken down in detail with coaching tips to maximize the effectiveness of each drill.

Heavy bag drills to improve boxing technique, reactions, and fitness levels. Glenn’s top heavy bag drills and coaching tips covering; defense, combination punching, reactions, footwork and more including how to program and structure your drills for small group training that you can plug directly into your training.


Programming For Boxing Fitness

How to attack your programming for boxing alongside cross training and strength & conditioning to cover everything, Glenn’s insights and tips for client progress and success.

Small group concepts and keeping your programming energetic, fresh and fun to really make your sessions stand out and be as effective as possible.

6 Weeks Of Boxing Practice: 

Training Camp Guide PDF

  • Your 6 week, day to day Pre-Programmed Boxing Workout Guide neatly presented patterns & plans that are easy to follow. Workout guides for 6 full weeks of Boxing Fitness training that you can follow yourself, or use directly with clients day to day / week to week to offer a specific layout, focus and direction with every session,
  • Programmed by Glenn to build boxing skills, provide you with a clear direction in the gym, improve your cardio engine for boxing, build your explosive strength for faster punching, core strength for better boxing technique and rotational power and overall strength to complement and improve your output on the heavy bag and mitts.
  • ​Your 6 weeks of training are laid out in patterns, so you can train effectively, make progress and select the exercises you enjoy and feel comfortable with but use them effectively for maximum results with Glenn’s guidance.
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